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Charmont is a developer of renewable energy facilities.

Historically, we have been involved in onshore wind and renewable biomass.Our scope now extends to solar power and hydrogen production. Our 2030 target is to develop 100 hydrogen electrolysis sites integrated with onshore wind and solar power generation. The Group has offices in London (Charmont Investments PLC), Strasbourg-Epinal (Vent d’Est SAS), Luxembourg and Frankfurt (Compagnie du Charmont SA). Its operational territory spans the United Kingdom, France, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and Poland. 

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Our scope

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Charmont has
expertise in:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Which are used to analyse environmental, social, electromagnetic, air traffic and electricity/gas grid connection requirements to create a successful project..


The Group has experience in assessing factors including the environment, grid access, social as well as commercial considerations to produce impact studies. The objective is to achieve full compliance with Government requirements and achieve planning permission in a time and cost efficient manner.

Long lasting industrial partnerships

We develop facilities in partnership with major operators in the industry. These partners include both ERG SpA and INNERGEX. We also invite local communities to participate from a very early stage of the project.


projects are funded using our access to project finance, mezzanine loans, crowd funding and national as well as EU grant schemes. Charmont also invests in other projects and technologies within our sector, either through private placement or through listed equity markets. We have so far invested in more than twenty companies, mostly in Europe.

Technological developments

We closely monitor technological changes in a rapidly developing sector, in part through our association with the Universite de Lorraine research lab LEMTA.

Equipment procurement

The Group pools in-house experience from managing sites, sharing best practice to optimise our purchase specifications.

Market intelligence

We watch markets keenly to identify changes and opportunities. These are noted through contact with Governments, participating in trade shows, following University programmes and tracking information available on both the stock and energy markets.


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