The Compagnie du Charmont SA grows into an integrated energy company focused on renewable heat in Europe. In particular, it develops with the intention to build and operate, wood pellets plants in Europe. As long term planning is an everyday attention, Charmont plants short rotation coppice to reinforce the fibre baskets of its operating plants. For so doing, it needs to rely upon strong partnerships with the landowners and their associations.

Industrial and collective heat users make the bulk of Charmont’s clientele as they abide by the Government and regulators demand for clean air, energy independence and productivity. Charmont aims at matching fossil fuel prices and convenience with a lower volatility and a 100% made in EU footprint.

Charmont Investments Ltd, Charmont Plantations SA, Charmont Energies Aquitaine and Charmont Energies Lorraine are fully owned subsidiaries. La Cie du Charmont may also invest in other companies related to the biomass to energy value chain.

The Company of Charmont is a member of : SER image003AEBIOM

Why Charmont ?

Before the development of insulation and sheet glass, houses only have doors as opening (neither fireplaces)… it was so essential to have heating without smoke… That’s why the wood coal industry have grown beyond metalworking needs.

So in French CHARbon (coal) + MONT (forest in old french)

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