La Compagnie du Charmont and its subsidaries were launched by Jean-Michel Sylvestre, a former director and co-founder of the leading wind farm developer and operator Société Fran¸aise d’Eoliennes. His assessment of the investment opportunity in valuing the energy potential of biomass is driven by a similar reasoning to that applied when developing its wind farm strategy: strong legislative targets to foster production of renewable energy, requirement of energy independence and security of supply.

Jean-Michel Sylvestre assembled a team of core competences to make educated decision in the implementation of the various stages of Charmont’s strategy for the forestry to energy value chain. Charmont will seek to diversify its investments in Europe to ensure adequate risk management. Employing people with strong European language skills is therefore a priority.

Charmont relies upon its own seasoned and highly recognised specialist of the wood value chain, Peter Hauber, who has extensive experience in the sawmill industry which is a key stage of the wood value chain. Peter Hauber acquired its experience both by purchasing from forest owners and supplying wood by-products to the energy sector. Based in Germany, he brings a network of contacts and expertise built upon almost two decades of relevant experience.

Charmont Investment concentrates all the key competences to implement its strategy. Charmont is always looking for new talents and welcomes applications from dedicated strong individuals.

Why Charmont ?

Before the development of insulation and sheet glass, houses only have doors as opening (neither fireplaces)… it was so essential to have heating without smoke… That’s why the wood coal industry have grown beyond metalworking needs.

So in French CHARbon (coal) + MONT (forest in old french)

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